2 Ways of reducing shipping cost for air freight to Nigeria

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Posted on Sep 12, 2016

1. Proper packaging of Items

The way a consignment is packed can reduce the shipping cost of the consignment. The airliner can decide to use volumetric weight instead of actual weight of the items, this can occur if the volumetric weight is greater than the actual weight. You may ask the question “what is volumetric weight?” It is formula use to know the space an item will occupy in the cargo plane. The formula is length x width x height divide by 6000. A well packaged goods will prevent volumetric weight to exceed the actual weight in most cases. Example, if an importer has 3 packages with the same weight. The three packages will occupy more space compare to when it is packed in one pack.

2. Reduce Shipping cost by engaging the services of Freight Forwarding Company

To send your goods to Nigeria, you will need the services of a freight forwarder. Freight Forwarder understands the best shipping company to use in order to maximize profit for the importer. It is always depend on the quantity of the items with weight. One of the aspect that freight forwarder can assist is in the area of packaging.

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