Frequently Asked Questions On Logistics

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Posted on Oct 07, 2015


  1. What is the difference between LTL and FTL Freight Shipping

A term common to the shipping industry is LTL or “less than truck load.” That means that the item being shipped will not take up the entire available space on the truck. FTL or “full truck load” means that the load will fill up the entire truck.

  1. Pallet Dimensions – Much More Than Just “Standard”. What does it Mean?

Did you know there is no universally accepted standard pallet dimensions?  What the pallet is made of, how it can be lifted by a forklift, and what industry the pallet is being delivered to are just a few of the many factors affecting pallet dimension standardization.

  1. How can i choose The Best Trucking Company for my Freight?

There are so many different freight shipping companies.  How should you choose the best trucking company for your freight?  Companies that ship their merchandise across the country or across the globe need to find the trucking carrier that is equipped to make the haul, while still being affordable. Some trucking companies prefer to haul loose freight, while others are better equipped to haul merchandise loaded onto pallets.

  1. Does Freight Class Even Matter?

Freight class is a transportation term used to categorize freight shipped within the US.  The class can be one of 18 different classes determined by four major characteristics which is not up for discussion right now. Checkout our subsequent blogs on the subject.

  1. What are Freight Shipping Biggest Mistakes.

Shipping freight is a daily operation for many organizations, and can be surprisingly detail-oriented.  When you frequently ship freight, the small details that you need to successfully execute this operation can add up over time.  These details can be easy to overlook and can end up costing your organization time and money.

  1. Why are Shipping Forklifts so important to logistics?

 Forklifts are vital in everyday operations for shipping companies, but those same companies typically don’t want to ship forklifts because they are too tall, too wide, too heavy, and on wheels. When it comes to transporting forklifts, there are numerous factors to be considered before choosing your carrier, and type of service. A carrier’s tariff is based on countless components and every carrier has their own guidelines and tariff.

  1. What are Freight and Logistics Market Trends.

Talking about the dexterity associated with logistics, its market is divided into subsections such as; Multimodal, Rail, Trucking, Air Freight, Ocean Freight, and Warehousing which and in our subsequent blogs, we will give pertinent and interesting information on each market.

  1. What is Density Formula.

When shipping freight within the US, all commodities need to be classified under the NMFC codes. These are often based on the density of the freight.

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