List of banned items in Nigeria by NAFDAC

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Posted on Aug 15, 2016

NAFDAC has strict laws and regulations regarding imported food and drug products in Nigeria. However, a lot of Nigerian importers keep making the same mistakes every now and then, due to ignorance or just trying to be clever and hoping that the NAFDAC officials will look the other way.

The consequences of disobeying such rules set by NAFDAC include:

  • The goods get seized and destroyed, or
  • The individual pays a certain undisclosed unofficial charge to settle the NAFDAC officials. The fine could range from N50, 000 (fifty thousand naira) and above before they are allowed into the country.

In 2015, The National Agency for Food, Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC) destroyed banned substances and unregistered drugs in Kebbi worth N15 million and confiscated N25 million worth of fake drugs in Warri.

Here is the NAFDAC List of Banned Imported Products in Nigeria

  1. Avocado butter
  2. Roasted coffee
  3. Virgin Wheat Germ
  4. Fragrance Oils
  5. Toner Cartridges
  6. Pesticides
  7. Herbs
  8. Drugs of any kind
  9. Cheese
  10. Food Supplements
  11. Wine
  12. Fruit Drinks
  13. Imported Vegetable Oil
  14. Chemicals
  15. Agro Chemical
  16. Cosmetics
  17. Canned Foods
  18. Soaps & Creams
  19. Blessed Water
  20. Food Condiments


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