Reefers are refrigerated shipping containers typically used to transport cargo requiring temperature-controlled conditions such as vegetables, fruit, fish, protein-based foods or other commodities. This enables customers to expand into new markets and capitalize on new opportunities. Solution Export offers reefer cargo services to its growing customer base. Appropriate product preparation is vital to ensure success in transporting reefer cargo, and our consultants will


help designing the complete cycle in this process including temperature, humidity and ventilation, among other specifications as well as quality control procedures. Our Reefer Management practices ensure the highest levels of quality, excellence and satisfaction for our customers. To become the temperature controlled cargo carrier of choice, Solution Export’s Reefer Management provides specific trade lanes for its direct and fast transit mainline services.


Cheap Rates

Each year, billions of dollars are spent on moving products around the world. With smart logistics like ours, you can move your consignments faster and save your company extra money that can be employed in other activities.

Easy Movement

It is a tough task to hire a mini-truck within the city to move household articles, parcels, perishables items and small consignments, as the transporter might ask for hefty price citing he has to come empty handed. With our free pickup services, we can save your time and of course, money.

Secure System

Our secure logistics solutions are founded on a secure transportation program. Coupled with our comprehensive services, you can virtually manage risk throughout your logistic process.

Concrete Walls

To us, a building project and service is more than just concrete and steel, brick and glass. They are investments made and dreams realized, representing time and money, sweat and tears. Reputations are made, Companies are defined, and a great deal at stake for everyone involved.

Easy Moniter

Is the current performance of your supply chain network optimal? Think of a general practitioner who monitors a patient’s vital signs and prescribes remedies when his or her observations indicate that there is an illness. If the illness is serious or requires deep knowledge of a particular condition, the GP will probably recommend the services of a specialist.

Fire Protection

Adequate fire protection concepts from structural fire protection and fire detection systems, stationary, automatic fire extinguishing and special extinguishing systems to mobile fire protection for the manual initial offensive are indispensable in the protection of people and property.